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Why are Appraisals Important?

The purpose of Appraisals is to assist in evaluating performance (and behaviour/conduct) with a view to the improvement and development of the individual. When carried out well, appraisals can be beneficial to the individual and the organisation.

Appraisals can identify areas for improvement, training requirements and help develop individuals so they can make a greater contribution to the organisation. This in turn helps the organisation achieve its goals.

Appraisals can also be used to identify succession and employee’s aspirations; even reducing turnover if employee’s aspirations can be aligned to the organisation’s requirements.

An appraisal or performance management process should be a positive experience and supported by Senior Management. It needs to be given the time and resources required to ensure it adds value to the organisation and does not end up being just a ‘paper exercise’.

If you wish to improve performance, set objectives and for individuals to be more accountable and responsible, an Appraisal / performance management process can be an important element in achieving this.

Summary of Documents

  • Appraisal policy
  • Checklists
  • Example appraisal forms
  • Pre-appraisal forms
  • Job description form and example
  • SMART objectives
  • Probationary period assessment forms
Includes the following documents:

General Guidance

  • Overview – Why have Appraisals/Manage Performance
  • The Appraisal Process
  • Job Descriptions


  • Checklist and Action plan for the Appraisal Scheme
  • Objectives for your Appraisal Scheme
  • Guide to setting SMART Objectives

Job Description

  • Job Description Form
  • Job Description Example (For a Receptionist)

Appraisal Documents

  • Example Appraisal Policy
  • Example Appraisal Process and Guide for Managers
  • Job Holder Preparation Sheet
  • Managers Preparation Sheet
  • Report – Short Version
  • Report – With Ratings

Smart Objectives

  • Smart Objectives Form
  • Smart Objectives Example (Accounts Dept.)

Probationary Review

  • Probationary Period Review Form

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