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Why Have Contracts of Employment?

The Contract of Employment is one of the most important documents in the employment relationship. As well as being a legal requirement to provide written terms of employment, the contract is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

The right Contract of Employment will protect the business and provide flexibility. Poorly drafted contracts (or no written contracts) will restrict the business and leave you vulnerable.

Generally when there is an employment ‘issue’ or ‘dispute’ the first question is ‘what does the contract say?’ (followed by what does the policy say?).

Contracts (and supporting documentation) can prevent disputes arising. If everyone is clear from the outset about what the terms are and what is expected from them, there is less chance of misunderstandings or disagreements and if disputes do arise, they can generally be resolved more quickly, easily and amicably.

Putting good contracts in place does not have to be difficult if you use Practical HR Professional Templates.  You will have everything you need to draft your own contacts and to implement them. See below for a list of content and what’s included.


  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Compliant with legislation (Section 1 Employment Rights Act)
  • Updates provided

Employment Facts

Once purchased you will also have access to Employment Facts which will provide a summary of key facts including:

  • National Minimum Wage Rates
  • Holiday Entitlement calculation
  • Statutory Maternity Pay Rates
  • Statutory Sick Pay Rates
Includes the following documents:

Template Contracts of Employment x 5

  • Manager’s contract
  • Sales person’s contract
  • Office contract
  • Hourly paid contract
  • Apprentice contract

HR Policies and Procedures

  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedure
  • Grievance and Disciplinary – special circumstances

Employment Forms

  • New Starter (personal details) form
  • Holiday (and Absence) booking form
  • Self Certification (reporting of Absence) form
  • Probationary Period review form
  • Deductions forms

Standard Letters

  • Offer letter (to be sent with contract)
  • Reference request letter and form

Implementation Documents (when implementing contracts with existing staff)

  • Memo to staff re new contracts
  • Query form
  • Final issue of contracts (memo or letter)
  • Letter chasing return of signed contract
  • Letter confirming contract deemed to have been accepted

Instructions and Guidance Notes

  • Getting started (how to amend templates)
  • Clauses explained (an overview of key clauses)
  • How to issue contracts (new starters and implementing with existing staff)


Whats not included?

  • Additional Consultancy  – you can purchase HR Consultancy services if you would like support to help draft some additional clauses or to go through your contracts once you have drafted them.  For further information call us on 01702 216573 or visit our main Practical HR website.

12 Month’s Access, Storage & Updates

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