GDPR for HR – Policy Pack

Why is GDPR for HR important?

Any organisation that employs people will need to consider GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for HR.  Your employees are ‘data subjects’ and therefore their personal data must be managed in line with GDPR (in order to avoid potential fines, claims and reputational damage).  GDPR is also about good housekeeping and this is an opportunity to put your house in order!

GDPR requires you to identify the legal basis for keeping employee details and to provide information to employees about how you keep their data (e.g. in privacy statements). You also need to consider who has access, general security, how long you keep data and whether it is sent to any 3rd parties etc.

Employees also have new rights under GDPR.

Professional Templates GDPR for HR provide you with a methodology to help you identify what data you keep and to help you create an action plan of any changes that may be needed. There are also draft policy documents and template letters. See what’s included below.



  • GDPR Overview, Principles, Legal Basis & Working Towards Compliance
  • A ‘Getting Started’ Guide
  • Employee Contract & Handbook Clauses
  • Data Protection / Privacy Policy for Employees
  • Confidentiality Agreement for Employees
  • Job Applicant Privacy Policy
  • Subject Access Request Policy
  • Subject Access Request Form and Letters
Includes the following documents:


  • Getting Started
  • GDPR Overview
  • GDPR Principles


  • Legal Basis
  • Working Towards Compliance

Updates to Current Documents

  • Clauses for Contracts of Employment
  • Clauses for Employee Handbook


Policy Documents

  • Data Protection Policy/Privacy Notice for HR
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Job Applicant Privacy Statement
  • Subject Access Request Policy

Letters and Forms

  • Form – Subject Access Request Form
  • Letter – Receipt of Subject Access Request
  • Letter – Refusal of Subject Access Request
  • Letter – Request for Further Information
  • Letter – Response re Extension of Time for Subject Access Request
  • Letter – Response to Subject Access Request

12 Months Access, Storage & Updates

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